Hello I am Arthur Frankland the man behind Frankland Grinding.

My career for most of my life has been centred around the Grinding/Sharpening industry.

I was an Export Manager for a local Manufacturer of Manual, semi automatic and automatic grinding machines for tungsten carbide tipped saw blades and most types of woodworking tools.

In this position I traveled the world seeking out Stockists/ Distributors and training them how to efficiently sharpen all these tools. Needless to say these machines were complex and sophisticated.

I traveled the U.S.A. and Canada as well as Africa, South East Asia and most European countries.

Then in 1986 I decided to go it alone and formed Frankland Grinding Products (International) and now work from my workshop and office at home in Accrington, Lancashire and Orlèans and Beaumarchés in France where I have my French office and workshop.

I am fluent in the French language and speak some Italian and German. I have the Exclusivity for Geo Hunters machines in Canada- I claim my Clipper Honing Machine is possibly  the best such machine in the World.

The single sided honing plate has been known to last up to 15 years, sharpening time is faster due to its more powerful than average electrical motor. I am also a major European Distributor for Wolff Industries in U.S.A.

Since 1986 I have specialised in meticulous training of people. People wanting to start a completely new profitable career. Men and women who wish to learn how to sharpen Professional Scissors-for Hairdressers and Dog Groomers and Clippers for Dogs, Horses, Vets etc and Knives.

Besides this I sharpen all these tools “in house” for dog groomers, hairdressers and chefs in their kitchens. I use state of the art equipment. I was nominated the 5th best inventor in France in the food industry , this was 2011 , for my grinder for scalloped edge knives of virtually any pitch. I had the pleasure to describe it live on TF1 French Television.

Sharpening Services for the Hairdressing, Dog Grooming, Equestrian & Catering Industry