Scissor Sharpening for Hairdressers

Fundamentally a Professional Hairdressers cannot do her job without a perfectly balanced and sharpened scissor. This applies to all of their scissors. Not all scissors are identical- different lengths, styles, weights and whether they are used for Texturing, Thinning, or straightforward cutting.

The hairdresser may be a left or a right handed person. Top hairdressers tend to use scissors made from Cobalt 440 or 420, mostly made in Japan or in Solingen, Germany. Some hairdressers prefer to use a Titanium scissor. These can represent a sizeable investment, anything up to one thousand pounds per scissor, but often between £200 to £650/scissor.

The Clipper that they use is also a vital tool of their trade. Although a large percentage of hairdressers use the “Wahl” clipper and their blades do wear and become blunt.

These tools need to be serviced by a skilled person and to be reliable.

The customer of an Hairdresser is often there in the salon for up to one and a half hours and spends good money being pampered and made to look beautiful.


We offer a complete sharpening service for all types of scissors.

Frankland Grinding also offer a sharpening service IN YOUR SALON . We have been sharpening scissors for 30 years and we fully service scissors for £15.00 – this includes :

Professional Scissor Sharpening

First we check the scissors; who made them; country of origin; and eyeball them for any obvious damage. Opening and closing them and doing a cut test, also tells us a lot. The following is included in your professional scissor sharpening and service:

  • Aligning tips perfectly.
  • Renewing bumpers if necessary.
  • Balancing the scissor and checking the set.
  • Sharpening the scissor using a diamond wheel by Wolff Industries.
  • Polishing the scissor.
  • Clean & wax/lubricate the scissor and test it again.

Benefits to the hairdresser

Chipping in, Point Cutting, Slicing and Texturising will all become effortless.

Tips for taking care of your Scissors:

  • Clean them thoroughly at the end of each day.

  • Put two drops of scissor oil of the right viscosity on each blade and gently rub in – all over the blades and pivot point.

  • Opening and closing to remove any excess oil.

  • Store your scissors at the end of each day in a dry, warm place thus avoiding moisture or dampness which can lead eventually to rust.

  • Do not misuse them – they are only meant to cut hair – never cut sticky tape!!

  • Avoid dropping your scissors – especially onto a hard surface – if you do drop them please be honest and tell me – I can usually fix them – provided the metal is not fractured.

Clipper Sharpening Service

Frankland Grinding also offer a sharpening service of £15 for hairdressers clippers.


Sharpening Scissors, Clippers and Knives for the Hairdressing, Dog Grooming, Equestrian & Catering Industry