Some completely new machines in our range to help you make more money.

Hello from Arthur Frankland, often nicknamed the “Agony Uncle” in the world of sharpening. Frankland Grinding Products and Services was begun in 1986. After travelling the world installing grinding machines and teaching many nationalities how to us them. I am reliably informed that Dog Grooming businesses are increasing at some 15 to 20% per annum. Obviously this means more and more companies need their Clippers and Scissors sharpening. I , Arthur will teach you these skills here in my bright clean modern workshops. Our new Clipper Honers by Nebraska are now available as the CS10 inch (250mm diameter Honing plate) or the CS14” (355mm plate) . As many of you know I have sold approx 150 of the previous model  AF/CAN but my friends in Canada retired. Then I discovered Nebraskablades a very up market, simple machine to operate that looks good. Red in colour. With either of these machines one can sharpen all know makes of Dog Clippers including Wahl,  Andis, Öster, Aesculaps + Horse, Vetinaryamd Sheep Blades  ,known as Combs and Cutters. Both these machines come with a 13 piece tool kit. If you were to sharpen only 20blades per week you would earn Pounds Stg 7600 per annum or Euros 8800  more than twice the price of the biggestRolls Royce clipper. Honer,

Contact Arthur on  (0044)  1254 235266 or text (0044) 7853 367143 E mail. Arthur or visit Frankland Grinding website Click on anyof the flags for or website in your language. On parole bien le Français etc Ici.

Ma dėrniere visite dans la Belle France 2019

Oh comme la France me manque énormement . En plus les “British” ont quitter le C.E.   Quelle bêtise ! Je me sens loin des pays que j’aime. Mon Dieu je suis  quand même Europèan- beaucoup de mes clients et vraiement amis  sont là, l’Exportation et un peu plus difficile . J’ai resté  là avec un client, comme d’habitude plein de la  gentillese et il as prėparer une belle chambre Uniquement pour moi, chez Monsieur LONGLINÉ, Christian et son épouse Claudine. J’ai fait son formation au niveau des ciseaux et Clippers Professional. Et en plus on as bien mangé !  Ca va revenir un jour je prie.

Lee Rhodes from Scarborough New Clipper/Scissor Sharpener

Lee Rhodes from Scarborough drove over yesterday and stayed for two days training. A clever hands on man. His wife Catherine is a dog groomer and had difficulty finding someone to sharpen her dog clippers and scissors. Lee was fully trained in these skills with Andis, Öster,Wahl etc Clippers- stripping them down, sharpening/ Honing ,cleaning , oiling , re-assembly and thoroughly testing them. We also sharpened several right and left handed Scissors. Lee bought what I call the Rolls Royce of Clipper honers and the Wolff Industries Ookami OGS-TAS Scissor system. So dog Groomers, Equestrian Hairdressers in East Yorkshire consult.  Lee.   Rhodes- he will do a great job for you.

Blunt 2 Sharp- Stephen Lassen

Good Morning Everybody

Stephen has just increased his Sharpening facilities and is now offering full and Professional Scissor Sharpening for Hairdressers, Barbers and Dog Groomers. As well as this he can now corrugated/serrate Scissors accurately and precisely due to the fact that he has just purchased two new sharpening machines. Due to Covid 19 he did not come here to ACCRINGTON for training but has received full training DVD’s and he knows that I am always available to guide and help him whenever needed, Maybe after lockdown he might come here for one man to one man training. Also invested money in WOLFF INDUSTRIES INC Convexing clamp and other accessories. So C’mon you Essex Groomers etc give him some support ………..please ! Contact Stephen  07745 288387

An E Mail to a prospective customer confirming our identity and status from Wolff Industries Inc U.S.A.

Dated February 17, 2021

Hi Mr……

Thank you so much for your interest in our sharpening equipment. We are very proud of the quality of our products and have been manufacturing equipment for Professional Sharpeners for over 30 years. Our colleague in the U.K. Arthur Frankland asked me to contact you to assure you that he is indeed our European Distributor and  Stockist for our products. He has been a trusted associate for many years and truly goes the extra mile to provide his customers with superior training and service. You can feel at ease that you are in very good and honest hands with Mr. Frankland.

Joe Wilson-Wolff Industries Inc.  U.S.A.






TWICE AS SHARP-Paul Davidson- Bradford’#1 Sharpener

Paul was round at my house. (waiting at the gate,wearing a mask)  to collect various sharpening products on Saturday 8 August. He gave me the impression he is very busy, coupled with the fact that is wife is a Nurse during these difficult times. God Bless her !  Paul specialises in the sharpening of Professional Scissors as well as Oster, Andis and Wahl etc Dog Clippers.

So people of Bradford area REMEMBER Paul is the Sharpener for you. We should all support each other…….”…..shouldn’t we.

JON HADWICK 2 Sharpen New Sharpening Service in Cornwall/Devon

End of June 2020 Jon drove up from Cornwall to collect one Nebraska 14” Clipper Sharpener, Wolff Industries Ookami OGS -TAS and the Tru-Hone Knife Sharpener. These were thoroughly demonstrated for Jon who already had considerable experience in this field. As his wife Jeni is a very well known Dog Groomer. Now is business is complete in the Dog world. Also he was taught how to sharpen Horse and Sheep Blades.

So you Cornish and Devonian Dog Lovers take your Clippers and scissors and Knives to Jon in Saltash Business Park. He is waiting for you or he telephone him and he will come to you in his sophisticated mobile workshop .



Steve and Debbie sent Chris Lamb here for Training on their Nebraska 16”  Clipper Honer Low amperage Model. Whilst here they purchased the Ookami OGS-TAS Scissor Sharpener. During his training it became immediately apparent that Chris was very much a “hands on” dexstrous man. Nevertheless Chris was taught all aspects of Scissor Sharpening- from Left handed to Right handed Scissors, Thinners, texturisers, Ergonomic and straight handles and we discussed  Serrated/Corrugated Scissors. Frankland Grinding have ordered a new Scissor Corrugator in case they want one. This should arrive here this week.

We discussed all aspects of Scissors theory, health and safety-wearing safety glasses and a dust mask. Then we stripped and sharpened many different types of Clippers- Dog,Horse, Sheep of all makes. I consider Chris to be the man to survice these tools with great skill. A pleasure to meet you Chris in June 2020. Please come back – you would be very welcome for more black coffee !

You 2 June 2020 Visit by Daniel Merrick – Northhamptonshire

Today Daniel from Crick Northants finished two days intensive training sharpening Dog and Horse etc Clippers on the Nebraska 14 inch – 355mm machine and Professional Scissors on the Wolff Industries Inc. Ookami OGS- TAS Scissor machine.  So Dog Groomers, Hairdressers/Barbers in Northampton contact Daniel – I promise you he is extremely dextrous and will do a great job for you.

I do believe Daniel will be coming back to Frankland Grinding for more training in a few months to learn Knife Sharpening and purchase our super, variable speed grinder.

Good Luck Daniel

Sharpening Scissors, Clippers and Knives for the Hairdressing, Dog Grooming, Equestrian & Catering Industry