TWICE AS SHARP-Paul Davidson- Bradford’#1 Sharpener

Paul was round at my house. (waiting at the gate,wearing a mask)  to collect various sharpening products on Saturday 8 August. He gave me the impression he is very busy, coupled with the fact that is wife is a Nurse during these difficult times. God Bless her !  Paul specialises in the sharpening of Professional Scissors as well as Oster, Andis and Wahl etc Dog Clippers.

So people of Bradford area REMEMBER Paul is the Sharpener for you. We should all support each other…….”…..shouldn’t we.

JON HADWICK 2 Sharpen New Sharpening Service in Cornwall/Devon

End of June 2020 Jon drove up from Cornwall to collect one Nebraska 14” Clipper Sharpener, Wolff Industries Ookami OGS -TAS and the Tru-Hone Knife Sharpener. These were thoroughly demonstrated for Jon who already had considerable experience in this field. As his wife Jeni is a very well known Dog Groomer. Now is business is complete in the Dog world. Also he was taught how to sharpen Horse and Sheep Blades.

So you Cornish and Devonian Dog Lovers take your Clippers and scissors and Knives to Jon in Saltash Business Park. He is waiting for you or he telephone him and he will come to you in his sophisticated mobile workshop .



Steve and Debbie sent Chris Lamb here for Training on their Nebraska 16”  Clipper Honer Low amperage Model. Whilst here they purchased the Ookami OGS-TAS Scissor Sharpener. During his training it became immediately apparent that Chris was very much a “hands on” dexstrous man. Nevertheless Chris was taught all aspects of Scissor Sharpening- from Left handed to Right handed Scissors, Thinners, texturisers, Ergonomic and straight handles and we discussed  Serrated/Corrugated Scissors. Frankland Grinding have ordered a new Scissor Corrugator in case they want one. This should arrive here this week.

We discussed all aspects of Scissors theory, health and safety-wearing safety glasses and a dust mask. Then we stripped and sharpened many different types of Clippers- Dog,Horse, Sheep of all makes. I consider Chris to be the man to survice these tools with great skill. A pleasure to meet you Chris in June 2020. Please come back – you would be very welcome for more black coffee !

You 2 June 2020 Visit by Daniel Merrick – Northhamptonshire

Today Daniel from Crick Northants finished two days intensive training sharpening Dog and Horse etc Clippers on the Nebraska 14 inch – 355mm machine and Professional Scissors on the Wolff Industries Inc. Ookami OGS- TAS Scissor machine.  So Dog Groomers, Hairdressers/Barbers in Northampton contact Daniel – I promise you he is extremely dextrous and will do a great job for you.

I do believe Daniel will be coming back to Frankland Grinding for more training in a few months to learn Knife Sharpening and purchase our super, variable speed grinder.

Good Luck Daniel


Despite a certain amount of hysteria created by the media vis-a-vis the corona virus new and well established customers keep coming for parts and new machines. This morning was no exception (Saturday)  when one of my valued customers came ( quite a distance) to buy a Professional Diamond Scissor Serrating wheel. Thanks to him !

We stock conventional  grit wheels, several types of Diamond Wheels, Files , Scissor and Clipper oils, Many types of dressing sticks ( including diamond dressers), Clipper pressure test tools ( cutter on comb), Deburr and finish papers, Ookami blocks for deburring Professional Scissors, Scissor screw pliers used to balance a Scissor, Dressing sticks for the Tru-Hone knife Sharpener,  Plus all the necessary sharpening machines, Finally we stock Hairdressers and    Dog Groomers Scissors in Japanese Cobalt and /or Titanium. ALL HEALTH AND SAFETY accessories – dust masks and OSHA standard Safety glasses and various magnets.

Please look at EVERY PAGE  of www,Frankland grinding, co,.uk and dot com and dot fr


Thank you.







FRANKLAND GRINDING PRODUCTS (established 1986) are proud to announce our exclusivity for Wolff Industries Inc. for EUROPE for the marketing of their new Industrial quality CLIPPER HONER. This Industrial quality machine is available with a 14 inch (355mm  ) Diameter Honing plate as well as 16 inches (406mm) . The Special long lasting cast aluminium plate is Double Sided. The Models are called “CS101 and CS202”. They are of solid ,robust construction and  are both available as 220/240 volts single phase. One can sharpen many hundreds of blades to a high quality finish- Dog, Horse, Sheep, Vetinary and Barbers on each side of the plate  to the finest of accuracy.  This means they will stay sharp and clippers perfectly for longer. A 90 minute training DVD plus accessories is included. Arthur offers full product training and all spare parts from stock ( Honing powder-various grit sizes). You can start  your own new sharpening business with this machine-there are HUNDREDS of Dog etc Groomers needing their blades sharpening 3/4 times  per annum. See the photograph then we invite you to come and see  the excellent machine here. We have over thirty years of experience is teaching these skills in most European and Middle East countries. On parle Français Ici (etc). See or,www. Frankland




Miguel Louis Moniz came all the way from Ponta Delgado Azores for Scissor etc Training

Miguel arrived on Monday 30 December 2019 and stayed for two days of intensive training on the Wolff Industries Ookami OGS-TAS Scissor Sharpener. Incidentally the Azores are a three and a half hour flight towards the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Some 600kms from North East to South West (wide). Approximately nine islands , population of 245000 and is 1600 Kms west of mainland Portugal. Miguel had worked as an hairdresser in  the U.K. and Vancouver. He is a man with a tremendous grasp of scissoring.  Not surprising with his light touch he easily picked up the skills of servicing a Scissor- sharpening, Honing, balancing, tips alignment and fitting a new stopper. Miguel a really nice, intelligent man takes our Scissor machine and accessories back to Ponta Delgado in a couple of days. We wish him well. He was also trained how to sharpen dog, horse and vetinary clippers and Knives. So please people of the Azores support him- he will do a Professional job for you.

Happy New Year Senor Moniz

LAELAPS ,Swanland, East Yorkshire. JAMES MAY.Scissor and Clipper Blade Sharpening /servicing

Full permission to produce this “posting” which will be sent to Facebook was granted by my new valued customer Mr James May. On James’ s card it says “Service, sharpening and repair”  he needed to learn quickly from my company how to Sharpen and service Dog/Horse Clippers and the many types of scissors for Dog Groomers, Equestrian , Vetinarary + Hairdressers, Barbers, Hairdressers and etc. I say “quickly”  with reference to Horse Clippers especially because Horse Clipping season is about to start ( and last for the next six months). So we got down to it and James proved quickly why he is the Managing Director – a clever and dextrous man, quickly grasping all that I showed and described to him. We discussed the idiosyncrasies of different types of clippers – Andis V Öster V Wahl V Aesculaps etc and Titanium Scissors V Cobalt V Stainless Steel.  I am certain James will be a great success in this market. I ALWAYS SAY THE SAME TO trainees – Go home watch the training DVD’s and PRACTISE. PRACTISE PRACTISE. then  you won’t need me again. For anyone needing more information on this or other sharpening subjects please contact


PIERS came up from Hemel Hempstead to purchase the Wolff Industries Ookami OGS-TAS Scissor Sharpener. His wife is a dog groomer and they had had enough of so called sharpeners ruining their Clippers and scissors. Consequently Piers brought with him six or so of his wife’s scissors and 8/9 clipper blades. Firstly before buying the Scissor machine he needed to see that our machine would effectively fully Service Mrs Lawrences’s scissors. After that was achieved Piers, although he could not buy it at the moment wanted me to show him how clipper blade sets are dismantled,cleaned,sharpened, cleaned, oiled and re-assembled.

After doing all this we tested all his equipment. They were perfect !,


Sharpening Scissors, Clippers and Knives for the Hairdressing, Dog Grooming, Equestrian & Catering Industry