Steve and Debbie sent Chris Lamb here for Training on their Nebraska 16”  Clipper Honer Low amperage Model. Whilst here they purchased the Ookami OGS-TAS Scissor Sharpener. During his training it became immediately apparent that Chris was very much a “hands on” dexstrous man. Nevertheless Chris was taught all aspects of Scissor Sharpening- from Left handed to Right handed Scissors, Thinners, texturisers, Ergonomic and straight handles and we discussed  Serrated/Corrugated Scissors. Frankland Grinding have ordered a new Scissor Corrugator in case they want one. This should arrive here this week.

We discussed all aspects of Scissors theory, health and safety-wearing safety glasses and a dust mask. Then we stripped and sharpened many different types of Clippers- Dog,Horse, Sheep of all makes. I consider Chris to be the man to survice these tools with great skill. A pleasure to meet you Chris in June 2020. Please come back – you would be very welcome for more black coffee !

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