Barbers seem to fiercely distinguish themselves from hairdressers. Their typical client is often a man who can only spare 15 minutes of his time, often for a “quick short, back and sides”.

Nevertheless a good barber is a skilled tradesman, needing to work quickly and accurately, often having a salon full of eager to get back to work customers,

However they use almost the same “tools of the trade”. Plus a good barber can provide the customer with a good shave, something a hairdresser is not often asked to do.

A barbers scissor is often a plain simple stainless steel scissor, very often a 6” long scissor, possibly of the dropped handle ergonomic type.

In view of this different kind of business pressure ( when compared with Hairdressers)  his scissors and clippers need to function 100% immediately when he starts to use them. The customer sits in the chair and work begins immediately, whereas at an Hairdressers there tends to be considerably more preparation.

Also today in these modern times a Barber definitely uses a thinning (or texturising) scissor much more than an Hairdresser.


We offer a complete sharpening service for all types of scissors.

Frankland Grinding also offer a sharpening service IN YOUR SALON . We have been sharpening scissors for 30 years. Scissors are fully serviced for £15.00 – this includes :

Professional Scissor Service
First we check the scissors-who made them-country of origine-and eyeball them for any obvious damage. We open and close them and do a cut test, this tells us a lot.

  • We make the tips meet perfectly.
  • We renew if necessary the bumper.
  • We balance the scissor and check the set.
  • We sharpen the scissor using a diamond wheel.
  • We polish the scissor.
  • We clean & wax/lubricate the scissor and test it again.

Benefits to the barber

Chipping in, Point Cutting, Slicing and Texturising will all become effortless.

Tips for taking care of your Scissors:

  • Clean them thoroughly at the end of each day.

  • Put two drops of scissor oil of the right viscosity (we supply the appropriate lubricant) on each blade and gently rub in – all over the blades and pivot point.

  • Opening and closing to remove any excess oil.

  • Store your scissors at the end of each day in a dry, warm place thus avoiding moisture or dampness which can lead eventually to rust.

  • Do not misuse them – they are only meant to cut hair – never cut sticky tape!!

  • Avoid dropping your scissors – especially onto a hard surface – if you do drop them please be honest and tell me – I can usually fix them – provided the metal is not fractured.

Clipper Sharpening Service

Frankland Grinding also offer a sharpening service of £16 for barbers clippers.

Sharpening Services for the Hairdressing, Dog Grooming, Equestrian & Catering Industry