Knife Sharpening for Chefs and Restaurants

We can efficiently sharpen any of the following makes of knives for chefs and caterers:

  • Sabatier (French)
  • Global (Japanese)
  • Icel (Portuguese)
  • Chef (German)
  • Victorinox (Swiss)
  • Gustav Emile (German)
  • Sato(Japanese)

PLUS Wustof Dreizack, Bachmayr Kitchen Devil etc.

Knife Sharpening

Most chefs and caterers prefer an inclusive angle of 25 degrees on double bevelled knives. But we can vary to suit any chef’s requirements. We sharpen both sides of a double bevelled knife at the same time, therefore this will produce a burr free edge. The machine has two pairs of grinding wheels which are counter rotating this produces a dead central cutting edge and both bevels being exactly the same. Therefore the knife will cut perfectly. The machine we use is the “BDK 3702905”. This is encased in stainless steel and complies with the CE and can, therefore be taken into any kitchen environment.

We do offer a sharpening service to Restaurants, Kitchens, Schools, Colleges, Nursing Homes within 100 miles of Manchester. Starting at £2.50 per knife sharpened in your kitchen. We usually grind them at a 25 degree inclusive angle as preferred by “top” chefs.

Amongst the types of knives we sharpen are:

  • De-Boning
  • Steak Knives
  • Cleavers
  • Carvery Knives
  • Cutlery
  • Scalloped-edge knives (corrugated or serrated)
Our Customers

All of these kitchens are just a small selection of the knives sharpened monthly. Some hospital kitchens also avail themselves of my services.

REMEMBER A BLUNT KNIFE IS MORE DANGEROUS THAN A SHARP KNIFE (more pressure is needed to cut and the chef is prone to slip resulting in an accident).

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