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JON HADWICK 2 Sharpen New Sharpening Service in Cornwall/Devon

End of June 2020 Jon drove up from Cornwall to collect one Nebraska 14” Clipper Sharpener, Wolff Industries Ookami OGS -TAS and the Tru-Hone Knife Sharpener. These were thoroughly demonstrated for Jon who already had considerable experience in this field. As his wife Jeni is a very well known Dog Groomer. Now is business is complete in the Dog world. Also he was taught how to sharpen Horse and Sheep Blades.

So you Cornish and Devonian Dog Lovers take your Clippers and scissors and Knives to Jon in Saltash Business Park. He is waiting for you or he telephone him and he will come to you in his sophisticated mobile workshop .


Visit to New Distributors in Poland- Wojciech and Izabela Bukala -Ice Tech Polska

I have just returned from a one week (too short)  visit to Poland. I stayed in Polkowice and briefly Kraków. Was met at Poznan Airport by Mrs & Mr Bukała , who had visited me in England some 2 months before and had been trained on our machines to sharpen Scissors, Clippers and Knives. Izabela and Wojciech met me at Poznan airport as it was approaching midnight. Two and a half hour journey to their factory in Polkowice. Very kindly driven by Wojciech and his wife. These two people are the nicest people one could hope to meet. We visited one particular hairdresser with some eight or nine stylists and as luck would have it , he is one of the examiners for first and second year apprentice hairdressers. His salon was like Buckingham Palace !! He gave us the finest quality clippers blades and scissors to service. He really liked our new professional scissors. Ice Tech bought every single scissor from my stock subsequent to this visit. Emelia & Christian will run this new business to resell my machines and scissors. We will probably take part in a Polish Hairdressers show soon. Poland is without any doubt the cleanest country I have ever visited. No litter anywhere. Polish people are kind, dignified  despite earning a small percentage of what we English earn. I WANT TO GO BACK ASAP.