Visit by Martyn Meddick from Hitchen,Hertfordshire

During the month of September Martyn made some three visits to Frankland Grinding School. A resolute man who had decided to start a comprehensive sharpening company serving Hairdressers/Barbers, Dog and Horse Groomers,Hôtels (with kitchens) Restaurants and colleges where meals are served etc etc

To do this he invested in the AF/CAN Clipper Honing Machine , the Wolff Industries Ookami OGS-TAS Scissor Sharpening system and the Tru-Hone Knife Sharpener. Quite an investment for himCoupled with top professional training.  I soon cottoned on to the fact that Martyn is a very clever man of high moral standards, often talking of his wife (who I would love to meet)  and their two children.  I am certain that I now have a new friend on the island of G.B.

He is a fast learner and I am CERTAIN  he will offer a wonderful service in and around Hertfordshire. May God Bless your new enterprise.

Invitation by Lyn & Paul Barwise of Whitehouse Dog Grooming School and SmallAnimal Centre

On 17 & 18 September 2018 I went to this Dog GroomingSchool , Formby,Merseyside. I was met by Chris  Barwise  (nickname “Rouge” on account of his red hair) and Leigh Marshall- these two gentlemen were to learn the skills of sharpening and maintenance of Dog Clippers and their various types of Scissors. Chris a “hands-on” man and Leigh somewhat more academic- a great combination !

We worked together for two days, both of them had bags of enthusiasm and showed lots of skill. We sharpened Öster and Andis Dog Clippers stripping them down, cleaning them, sharpening them on ourAF/CAN , oiling , and correct re-assembly and finally testing them for accuracy with three distinct methods. We also did Horse and sheep clippers as Horse Clipping season has started early this year.

Then we turned to Scissors with our Wolff Industries Ookami OGS TAS. Wesharpened right and left handed scissors- various lengths and weights and then thinning/texturising scissors.

These men now have the skills to growPaul and Lyn’s business and serve the Dog Grooming community. It was truly my pleasure meeting them and Paul-their boss.

FRASER BLADES-Mobile Sharpening Service-Findhorn -Scotland

What a pleasurable day today Thursday 23 August 2018

Leah Fraser drove down from Findhorn , near Inverness -a mere 9 hour journey at the speed of light !!!! A great girl bubbling over with enthusiasm for life and her work. This lady always wears a smile………..  Leah was already a competent KNIFE & SCISSOR Sharpener , she just needed a final bit of honing on Clipper Sharpening. Well she’s had it and gone beck up the “high road” whistling.  Before she left I insisted that she stripped and cleaned eight different blade sets. Then she sharpened them, cleaned them and tested them, one set had a Ceramic cutter. Then she tested them using FGP.s triple test method.

They were all spot on PERFECT and would clip any dog. I guarantee it. Well done Leah get home safe now to Celia

Be seeing you in Scotland soon.




ALEX VOS- Dog Groomer- nowSharpener of Professional Scissors and Dog/Horse etc Clippers

Alex Vos of Leyland , Lancashire came to FGP Company on Monday 26 July for training on how to sharpen,disassemble. and correctly assemble combs and cutters after correctly sharpening and honing Dog,vets and Horse Clippers.

This very capable man rapidly learnt the skill of Clipper sharpening , after each clipper set had been serviced he put them into my Clippers and we tested them on our test mat which mimics dog hair, then on actual dog hair and finally on our unique test string. They passed all the tests and clipped to the correct depth immediately. 10/10.

This was Alex’s second visit- he was trained some two weeks before on how to service all types of scissors; right and left handed, thinning/ texturising scissors of all lengths. So hairdressers and dog groomers contact Alex on 01772 463 100……..He is waiting for your call.

Second visit by my friend Michael Newland SE6 2AF

MICHAEL of NEWWAY SHOP; 2 Ladywell Road, Catford  South East London  (07939 611 224) Came  for his second period of training today 10 July.  This intelligent, humble man is I discovered a “natural” at sharpening,he already had a Clipper honing machine for Andis,Öster,Wahl and Aesculaps Dog Groomers blades/Vets and Horse clipper blades . Now he has the very latest Ookami -Wolff Industries Sharpener and the Tru Hone variable speed Knife Grinder. His shop # is 0208 6909 775. HAIRDRESSERS  BARBERS check Michael out he is GOOD AT HIS JOB and a genuinely friendly man. Owners of RESTAURANTS /Cafe’s / Hôtels please note Michael is fully trained and passed our various tests with flying colours.


Second Visit :Pets at Home-Building on their present knowledge of Scissor Servicing

Today Tuesday 22 May 2018 I received Jodi and Jackie both experience Scissor sharpeners to teach them the finer aspects of Scissor sharpening and subsequent efficient testing, lubricating , balancing etc  They brought with them some 16 or so Scissors where there were problems.  We went through step by step how to efficiently each particular job……. they learnt from me different way of gripping the Scissor when  one has a very short bladed Scissor. How to test a right handed and a left handed Scissor with the screw ALWAYS lateral to the body eg with a RH Scissor before cut testing the Scissor screw must always be to the right when holding the Scissor. I also showed them the Convexing Clamp butmost of their Scissors were Stainless Steel “Roseline” which are flat on top when closed, the C C is only used with Convex blades – mostly byhairdressers. Two good girls, very switched on ! They will be super sharpeners now. Thank you Jody and Jackie for coming here- I truly enjoyed your company,your 16 Scissors are now perfect  !


Jason & Lisa Morley of JL Power Tools Long Eaton Nottingham

Jason and his lovely wife arrived at Frankland Grinding on Saturday morning to collect the Model AF/CAN Clipper Honing Machine and Wolff Industries Ookami OGS-TAS SCISSOR Sharpening System. Jason had received his training here some days before. Jason had,but a few technical questions and has it was such a beautiful morning we all went inside and opened a cool bottle of Prosecco for the girls and the men had tea. As you know it was the day of Prince Harry and Meghan’s Wedding at Windsor so we had good reason to celebrate.

So now Jason will be sharpening lots of Hairdressers, Dog Groomers Scissors and their Andis/Öster/Wahl etc Clippers

Good Luck Jason . Come and see us again you two lovely people.

Today Thursday 17 May 2018 I had people from Pets at Home for detailed training in the maintenance and sharpening of Pet Groomers Scissors. This is consequential to my visit and presentation at PETS AT HOME headquarters at Stoke on Trent.I will, in due time be training all their sharpeners on Scissor maintenance and later maintenance and sharpening of all types of Dog Clippers-Andis,Oöster and Wahl etc Claire had done a little sharpening before but John was completely new to it.  We sharpened straight, curved,ergonomic and left handed scissorsof various lengths. After five hours with they were ready for their return journey to Stoke on Trent- a lot the wiser.

Now they both need to start practising immediately whilst it is fresh in their minds.

Visit with Heather Doyle- Groomer at Queens Park Veterinary Surgery Bolton

A lovely, kind lady with many clippers and scissors that have done a lot of work and become blunt, This was my first visit here on the Chorley New Road – a busy stretch of road but I was lucky to find the only space available for my car.  I think Heather averages up to eight dog groomings per day.

Wonderful conditions for me to work in with several cups of tea provided. After sharpening and re-assembling all of her Clippers I requested Heather to test them as it was a first visit; I wanted to see the smile on her face with sharp  tools. Heather was very appreciative and complimentary. Much the same reaction with her Scissors.

Also, I met “Apache”a beautiful Saint Bernard !




Kyle Holliday visit- done-Trained 18th April 2018

…………….Well my work with Kyle from Northampton is almost finished.  I was right he was a fast learner- I particularly liked him and his new customers will too because he is a humble, well mannered person, one of seven brothers !! After my demonstrations he very successfully sharpened several Andis and Öster blades, he put them into the Clipper and then we tested them three different ways- with test string ( specially made for this purpose) , Dog hair and a test mat – hair that mimics a dog’s  coat,

Then he sharpened various Scissors, curved one’s for trimming around a dog’s face- no problem, left handed scissors and a five and a half inch hairdressers scissor.  Then we demonstrated how to sharpen Knives, because I was out of stock of New Knife Grinders he decided to pay immediately for the Clipper Machine and the Ookami

Twice as sharp by Wolff Industries Inc  and return here when we have new stock of Knife Grinders here ( in two weeks) . When he returns he will come with his mother – Cindy , who is a Professional Dog Groomer.

Kyle still has to sit his theory exam and choose his new Company name.


Sharpening Services for the Hairdressing, Dog Grooming, Equestrian & Catering Industry