THE LAUNCHING OF “Ace of Blades” (Alex Birch)

Alex came to Frankland Grinding Products school of sharpening this week. He has a very technical background and has no great problem in stripping and rebuilding a motorcycle engine.  So learning how to strip, sharpen, clean,oil , re-assemble and test Dog Clipper blades- combs and cutters  presented Alex with zero problems ! Equally Servicing hairdressers and groomers cutting , thinning left and right handed scissors were done perfectly after 2 or 3 demonstrations. The day after his training he was out Servicing Clippers and Scissors. So people in Wirral C’MON AND SUPPORT ALEX OF ACE OF BLADES !!

Visit by Mr Ali.Clements from Bury St.Edmunds 22 Nov.2018

Ali Clements and I are old friends going back 35 years + ! Not much could I teach this man about sharpening as he has been saw doctoring most of his life. However Ali wanted me to teach him the finer aspects of sharpening Animal and Barbers etc Clippers and Professional Scissors. Bearing in mind his background we completed the job in one slightly longer day.  We will probably be meeting up in the next few days on my way down to catch my ferry to France or on the return journey to hand over the necessary machinery.

So good luck Ali in Suffolk when visiting dog groomers, horse stables and vets and Hairdressers/ Barbers, Full permission was granted by Ali to post this to my website. You are a natural at this !!

Training Susan Horridge of Bury Lancashire 24November 2018

Susan Horridge has created her own completely new Business. Her target market  is any individual or company, large or small who uses Animal/Human Clippers and Scissors e.g. Dog and Horse Groomers, Veterinary Practises, Hairdressers and Barbers.  At the moment she has bought the AF/CAN Clipper Honer but when Arthur returns from business in France (approx 10 December)  she will be attending another day of training on the Ookami OGS-CAN so that she can service/sharpen all kinds of ProfessionalScissors including thinners / texturisers and left handed scissors.  So businesses in the Bury/ Manchester area look out for Susan. She is a lovely lady, not pushy but VERY capable. Support her !!

Visit by Audrius and Viktorija

20 &  21 November 2018 Audrius and Viktorija now live in England and have been here for some six years. They drove up from Swanscombe, near Dartmouth,  Viktorija is a qualified dog groomer and runs a very busy business. I have full permission from them to post this summary. The problem they had as I witnessed was the lack of an efficient sharpening service in their area, in fact, Viktorija brought quite a lot of black in colour Wahl clippers that she had paid to be sharpened. The thin ledge on the inside of all her comb blades and been almost ground away. So we spent one full day learning how to correctly sharpen, clean, lubricate , assemble and test clippers. Both of them rapidly got on with this. Day two we concentrated on Servicing/sharpening scissors for groomers and hairdresser/ Barbers.  Audrius who is at present a personal trainer will soon be fully occupied Servicing Dog/Horse/Vetinary Clippers and all types of Professional Clippers using the AF/CAN Clippers Honer and Wolff Industries Ookami OGS-TAS Scissor Sharpener. Arthur Frankland is the Exclusive  European Distributor for these products.

My pleasurable visit to Anna Cotterill- Pets at Home

Thursday 18 October 2018

Anna gave me written permission…….. to print this posting. This was simply a courtesy visit to make sure all was working well. PETS AT HOME use every day my Clipper Honer, Scissor Sharpener and Scissor Serrator. I was informed by Anna  that they have now successfully sharpened 3761 Clipper Blade Sets since end June when I installed this machine and 3023 Groomers Scissors. Everything still working perfectly ! Naturally we were both delighted. They order more Corrugating wheels , honing powder etc etc


I had trained Jodie, Clare,Tracey and Jackie but with the volume of work need me to train to more ladies: Ann and Sophie in early Januaryas I am booked up solid till  I look forward to being of continued support to Pets at Home

Visit by Gary Hammond from Tillicoultry, Scotland.

What a pleasure ! This man due to retire in January 2019 spent two days at Frankland School of Sharpening. First thing I noticed he is a hands on ,practical man …… which always makes my job easier. He will be setting up his own new Sharpening business very early in 2019, so looking ahead he wanted to have all the training with the best Teacher who has the maximum experience in Europe: namely myself, having taught the skills around the world since 1978. Gary’s daughter is due to be married in two weeks time (Congratulations!)  but nevertheless he squeezed an extra one or two hours of tuition out of me. Gary is set up now with three new machines to sharpen/service all types of Knives for Restaurants/Hôtels/Colleges etc and any/all types of Scissors/Clippers for Hairdressers/Barbers/Vets/Horses/Dog Groomers/Equestrian.

I wish you nothing but Good Luck , but you are the sort of man who makes his own luck. Now Gary it is down to good MARKETING but please give me a call- I might be able to help. Also say hello to Tricia , your wife.  I might see you one day up in BONNY SCOTLAND.



Guernsey Picture Framers and Art Gallery. 2 October 2018

Glen Irvin was with me this week from Vale Guernsey- here at Frankland Grinding Products and School to learn the skills of Sharpening/Servicing Hairdressers/Barbers/Animal Groomers Professional Scissors and Clippers.  He has already purchased our Wolff Industries (USA) Ookami Scissor Machine and many accessories relevant to this new trade. He is somewhat of a perfectionist and proved this in his attitude to this new work. It was my pleasure to spend two days with Glen.

So Hairdressers and groomers and vets and Equine lovers please contact Glen I believe he will do a Professional job for you.

Visit by Martyn Meddick from Hitchen,Hertfordshire

During the month of September Martyn made some three visits to Frankland Grinding School. A resolute man who had decided to start a comprehensive sharpening company serving Hairdressers/Barbers, Dog and Horse Groomers,Hôtels (with kitchens) Restaurants and colleges where meals are served etc etc

To do this he invested in the AF/CAN Clipper Honing Machine , the Wolff Industries Ookami OGS-TAS Scissor Sharpening system and the Tru-Hone Knife Sharpener. Quite an investment for himCoupled with top professional training.  I soon cottoned on to the fact that Martyn is a very clever man of high moral standards, often talking of his wife (who I would love to meet)  and their two children.  I am certain that I now have a new friend on the island of G.B.

He is a fast learner and I am CERTAIN  he will offer a wonderful service in and around Hertfordshire. May God Bless your new enterprise.

Invitation by Lyn & Paul Barwise of Whitehouse Dog Grooming School and SmallAnimal Centre

On 17 & 18 September 2018 I went to this Dog GroomingSchool , Formby,Merseyside. I was met by Chris  Barwise  (nickname “Rouge” on account of his red hair) and Leigh Marshall- these two gentlemen were to learn the skills of sharpening and maintenance of Dog Clippers and their various types of Scissors. Chris a “hands-on” man and Leigh somewhat more academic- a great combination !

We worked together for two days, both of them had bags of enthusiasm and showed lots of skill. We sharpened Öster and Andis Dog Clippers stripping them down, cleaning them, sharpening them on ourAF/CAN , oiling , and correct re-assembly and finally testing them for accuracy with three distinct methods. We also did Horse and sheep clippers as Horse Clipping season has started early this year.

Then we turned to Scissors with our Wolff Industries Ookami OGS TAS. Wesharpened right and left handed scissors- various lengths and weights and then thinning/texturising scissors.

These men now have the skills to growPaul and Lyn’s business and serve the Dog Grooming community. It was truly my pleasure meeting them and Paul-their boss.

FRASER BLADES-Mobile Sharpening Service-Findhorn -Scotland

What a pleasurable day today Thursday 23 August 2018

Leah Fraser drove down from Findhorn , near Inverness -a mere 9 hour journey at the speed of light !!!! A great girl bubbling over with enthusiasm for life and her work. This lady always wears a smile………..  Leah was already a competent KNIFE & SCISSOR Sharpener , she just needed a final bit of honing on Clipper Sharpening. Well she’s had it and gone beck up the “high road” whistling.  Before she left I insisted that she stripped and cleaned eight different blade sets. Then she sharpened them, cleaned them and tested them, one set had a Ceramic cutter. Then she tested them using FGP.s triple test method.

They were all spot on PERFECT and would clip any dog. I guarantee it. Well done Leah get home safe now to Celia

Be seeing you in Scotland soon.




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