LAELAPS ,Swanland, East Yorkshire. JAMES MAY.Scissor and Clipper Blade Sharpening /servicing

Full permission to produce this “posting” which will be sent to Facebook was granted by my new valued customer Mr James May. On James’ s card it says “Service, sharpening and repair”  he needed to learn quickly from my company how to Sharpen and service Dog/Horse Clippers and the many types of scissors for Dog Groomers, Equestrian , Vetinarary + Hairdressers, Barbers, Hairdressers and etc. I say “quickly”  with reference to Horse Clippers especially because Horse Clipping season is about to start ( and last for the next six months). So we got down to it and James proved quickly why he is the Managing Director – a clever and dextrous man, quickly grasping all that I showed and described to him. We discussed the idiosyncrasies of different types of clippers – Andis V Öster V Wahl V Aesculaps etc and Titanium Scissors V Cobalt V Stainless Steel.  I am certain James will be a great success in this market. I ALWAYS SAY THE SAME TO trainees – Go home watch the training DVD’s and PRACTISE. PRACTISE PRACTISE. then  you won’t need me again. For anyone needing more information on this or other sharpening subjects please contact

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