Jeff was back with me after a period of absence-this time to Collect his Clipper Blade Sharpener and to have detailed, Professional in depth training. Some of the training had already been achieved  thanks to modern technology  and original thought by Frankland Grinding Products. When he arrived herewith his wife Jane he had been obliged to study the theory of sharpening and just as important : how to strip down clipper blades, how to clean them, sharpen , lubricate and reassemble and TEST them.

Jeff was obviously very keen to get this right and soon mastered the basics. We did several blades together and they tested perfect.

So we wish Jeff well in all his endeavours. People in Essex get in touch with Jeff ( of Dunmow, Essex) or contact Frankland Grinding for his telephone number.

Thank you Jeff for visiting Frankland Grinding Products. Maybe next time to learn Knife Grinding skills.




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