FRANKLAND GRINDING PRODUCTS (established 1986) are proud to announce our exclusivity for Wolff Industries Inc. for EUROPE for the marketing of their new Industrial quality CLIPPER HONER. This Industrial quality machine is available with a 14 inch (355mm  ) Diameter Honing plate as well as 16 inches (406mm) . The Special long lasting cast aluminium plate is Double Sided. The Models are called “CS101 and CS202”. They are of solid ,robust construction and  are both available as 220/240 volts single phase. One can sharpen many hundreds of blades to a high quality finish- Dog, Horse, Sheep, Vetinary and Barbers on each side of the plate  to the finest of accuracy.  This means they will stay sharp and clippers perfectly for longer. A 90 minute training DVD plus accessories is included. Arthur offers full product training and all spare parts from stock ( Honing powder-various grit sizes). You can start  your own new sharpening business with this machine-there are HUNDREDS of Dog etc Groomers needing their blades sharpening 3/4 times  per annum. See the photograph then we invite you to come and see  the excellent machine here. We have over thirty years of experience is teaching these skills in most European and Middle East countries. On parle Français Ici (etc). See or,www. Frankland




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