Despite a certain amount of hysteria created by the media vis-a-vis the corona virus new and well established customers keep coming for parts and new machines. This morning was no exception (Saturday)  when one of my valued customers came ( quite a distance) to buy a Professional Diamond Scissor Serrating wheel. Thanks to him !

We stock conventional  grit wheels, several types of Diamond Wheels, Files , Scissor and Clipper oils, Many types of dressing sticks ( including diamond dressers), Clipper pressure test tools ( cutter on comb), Deburr and finish papers, Ookami blocks for deburring Professional Scissors, Scissor screw pliers used to balance a Scissor, Dressing sticks for the Tru-Hone knife Sharpener,  Plus all the necessary sharpening machines, Finally we stock Hairdressers and    Dog Groomers Scissors in Japanese Cobalt and /or Titanium. ALL HEALTH AND SAFETY accessories – dust masks and OSHA standard Safety glasses and various magnets.

Please look at EVERY PAGE  of www,Frankland grinding, co,.uk and dot com and dot fr


Thank you.







FRANKLAND GRINDING PRODUCTS (established 1986) are proud to announce our exclusivity for Wolff Industries Inc. for EUROPE for the marketing of their new Industrial quality CLIPPER HONER. This Industrial quality machine is available with a 14 inch (355mm  ) Diameter Honing plate as well as 16 inches (406mm) . The Special long lasting cast aluminium plate is Double Sided. The Models are called “CS101 and CS202”. They are of solid ,robust construction and  are both available as 220/240 volts single phase. One can sharpen many hundreds of blades to a high quality finish- Dog, Horse, Sheep, Vetinary and Barbers on each side of the plate  to the finest of accuracy.  This means they will stay sharp and clippers perfectly for longer. A 90 minute training DVD plus accessories is included. Arthur offers full product training and all spare parts from stock ( Honing powder-various grit sizes). You can start  your own new sharpening business with this machine-there are HUNDREDS of Dog etc Groomers needing their blades sharpening 3/4 times  per annum. See the photograph then we invite you to come and see  the excellent machine here. We have over thirty years of experience is teaching these skills in most European and Middle East countries. On parle Français Ici (etc). See or,www. Frankland




My visit to Beaumarchés,department 32 of la Belle France

Monsieur LEPOUTRE, Bernard and his son Reunan had placed another good order with my company  for some twelve machines-a mixture of Clipper Honing machines and Professional Scissor sharpeners + accessories. Bernard’s company: F.C.T.V.  is a school where one goes to learn the many skills of sharpening and there are, of course many different types of tools. Bernard had already paid the invoice even before I had left the U.K.  As usual I was invited to stay in his house and we dined Al Fresco in the town of Marciac. It was like how I consider heaven to be like. 38 degrees in the afternoon. We had six “Stagiares” (loosely translated-apprentices) which included one lady. For their next requirements Reunan hopes to visit the U.K. before Christmas. Both the French company and Frankland Grinding Products U.K. have earned a reputation for top Professionalism. Our “job” is to pass on our skills so that the learner can start his/her own Sharpening business. Please continue to read “Latest News” on

We have several individuals waiting in the queue to come to Accrington for training. Although in France people are very ready to pay for several days- even one week, so they have a good grasp of the necessary skills . Here people seem to think they can cram all the training into two or three days. Having said that I have never had any complaints. I am truly dedicated as a Christ Ian businessman.

FGP have now set up Frankland Grinding Polska where I train Polish apprentices in their beautiful country in Polkowice (contact in Poland: Emilia or Izabela on 0048 76 845 67 21). e-mail :

Visit to Cannine Cuts- Tony Johnson

Well……. I was en route to Portsmouth to get the ferry for France when Tony rang to ask for re-Training. He described his previous training has “not being good” with some company ( (I don’t know who) in the South West. So as he was only some 40 miles or so from the Ferry terminal I decided to go and help him. He has my AF/CAN honing machine and the Ookami  that he purchased on some website. They were second hand but in super condition after I had replaced his damaged honing plate. Also he has a knife grinder.

His wife Yasmeen grooms up to 18 dogs per day with some eight employees at Cannine Cuts in the New Forest. Tony and I spent two and a half hours together sharpening/servicing Andis and Oster clippers.  We “got on ” great together, good chat, good coffee etc

Tony purchases a few attachments which will be very useful to him: especially our cutter on comb pressure gauge- this enables one to re-assemble the cutter on the comb at the correct pressure of 3 to 3 1/2 lbs per sq inch.

Good Luck Tony you know how to contact me if you need me. I left him with 1 kg of White 220 grit honing powder THE BEST for the job.

Visit to N.L.T.G. (North Lancs.Training Group 8/4/16

Today I visited, upon request NLTG to sharpen a lot of knives- they have a big kitchen. Jim Harkness M.B.E. Is the Managing Director. A man for whom I have lots of respect.  I was met by Jason Slater and Heidi Pearce. -both are hospitality tutors, they are in charge of the kitchen.

Because this “college” teaches many skills, such as-Catering & Hospitality , Furniture Occupations, Upholstery, Food Manufacturing etc they obviously use many tools which need to be sharpened. e.g.

All types of scissors, knives, circular saws (tct) etc I am often called upon.

They needed me to sharpen some 34  knives and subsequently hone them.

Was treated to a great cup of tea and their home made cake !

When Jason & Heidi were happy, I was paid for my visit and went merrily on my way to sharpen some Dog Clippers.

Another satisfied customer!

Service visit to Walk In Barbers-Tongue Moor 29/3/16

I have been servicing “Jo’s” Barber shop for many years. I even sharpened and supplied him with scissors at his previous location some fifteen years ago. I particularly like doing work for him because he is kept constantly busy , therefore he uses his cutting and texturising scissors immediately with his clients. Also Joelikes me to have a constant supply of “Wahl” combs and cutters (clipper blades). Unlike some barbers he likes to fit the blades, after oiling into the head of the clipper. He also, periodically buys new Japanese Cobalt or Titanium Scissors. Every Hairdresser or Barber has different preferences when choosing a scissor, such as lighter ones weighing not less than 50grammes up to heavier ones , up to 65 Grammes. Also there are some five different lengths ranging from 4 1/2″    5″.        5 1/2″.      6″.   and nowadays 6 1/2″  plus the added factor of left handed scissors in all these weights and different lengths. So FGP keep in stock very large numbers of scissors.

Everything done successfully , having drunk Jo’e’s excellent coffee. I left-Joe happy working away- me happy. A la procaine visite !!