My visit to Beaumarchés,department 32 of la Belle France

Monsieur LEPOUTRE, Bernard and his son Reunan had placed another good order with my company  for some twelve machines-a mixture of Clipper Honing machines and Professional Scissor sharpeners + accessories. Bernard’s company: F.C.T.V.  is a school where one goes to learn the many skills of sharpening and there are, of course many different types of tools. Bernard had already paid the invoice even before I had left the U.K.  As usual I was invited to stay in his house and we dined Al Fresco in the town of Marciac. It was like how I consider heaven to be like. 38 degrees in the afternoon. We had six “Stagiares” (loosely translated-apprentices) which included one lady. For their next requirements Reunan hopes to visit the U.K. before Christmas. Both the French company and Frankland Grinding Products U.K. have earned a reputation for top Professionalism. Our “job” is to pass on our skills so that the learner can start his/her own Sharpening business. Please continue to read “Latest News” on

We have several individuals waiting in the queue to come to Accrington for training. Although in France people are very ready to pay for several days- even one week, so they have a good grasp of the necessary skills . Here people seem to think they can cram all the training into two or three days. Having said that I have never had any complaints. I am truly dedicated as a Christ Ian businessman.

FGP have now set up Frankland Grinding Polska where I train Polish apprentices in their beautiful country in Polkowice (contact in Poland: Emilia or Izabela on 0048 76 845 67 21). e-mail :

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