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Miguel Louis Moniz came all the way from Ponta Delgado Azores for Scissor etc Training

Miguel arrived on Monday 30 December 2019 and stayed for two days of intensive training on the Wolff Industries Ookami OGS-TAS Scissor Sharpener. Incidentally the Azores are a three and a half hour flight towards the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Some 600kms from North East to South West (wide). Approximately nine islands , population of 245000 and is 1600 Kms west of mainland Portugal. Miguel had worked as an hairdresser in  the U.K. and Vancouver. He is a man with a tremendous grasp of scissoring.  Not surprising with his light touch he easily picked up the skills of servicing a Scissor- sharpening, Honing, balancing, tips alignment and fitting a new stopper. Miguel a really nice, intelligent man takes our Scissor machine and accessories back to Ponta Delgado in a couple of days. We wish him well. He was also trained how to sharpen dog, horse and vetinary clippers and Knives. So please people of the Azores support him- he will do a Professional job for you.

Happy New Year Senor Moniz