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Lee Rhodes from Scarborough New Clipper/Scissor Sharpener

Lee Rhodes from Scarborough drove over yesterday and stayed for two days training. A clever hands on man. His wife Catherine is a dog groomer and had difficulty finding someone to sharpen her dog clippers and scissors. Lee was fully trained in these skills with Andis, Öster,Wahl etc Clippers- stripping them down, sharpening/ Honing ,cleaning , oiling , re-assembly and thoroughly testing them. We also sharpened several right and left handed Scissors. Lee bought what I call the Rolls Royce of Clipper honers and the Wolff Industries Ookami OGS-TAS Scissor system. So dog Groomers, Equestrian Hairdressers in East Yorkshire consult.  Lee.   Rhodes- he will do a great job for you.

You 2 June 2020 Visit by Daniel Merrick – Northhamptonshire

Today Daniel from Crick Northants finished two days intensive training sharpening Dog and Horse etc Clippers on the Nebraska 14 inch – 355mm machine and Professional Scissors on the Wolff Industries Inc. Ookami OGS- TAS Scissor machine.  So Dog Groomers, Hairdressers/Barbers in Northampton contact Daniel – I promise you he is extremely dextrous and will do a great job for you.

I do believe Daniel will be coming back to Frankland Grinding for more training in a few months to learn Knife Sharpening and purchase our super, variable speed grinder.

Good Luck Daniel

Visit to Birch Pet Hôtel-Heywood

On Friday 18 March I visited Birch Pet Hôtel in Heywood Lancs by the M66. I was met by Robert and Mary.

The purpose of this visit was to sharpen/service their Aesculeps Dog grooming clippers and sharpen several scissors.

During this time I received their excellent hospitality. Really nice genuine people. I then showed them my range of scissors and clippers. They bought two quality scissors at excellent prices. Robert booked me in for another maintenance visit in three months. It is advisable for clippers and scissors to be re-sharpened in a busy groomers every 3 months.  All work done everybody happy-until the next time!