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TWICE AS SHARP-Paul Davidson- Bradford’#1 Sharpener

Paul was round at my house. (waiting at the gate,wearing a mask)  to collect various sharpening products on Saturday 8 August. He gave me the impression he is very busy, coupled with the fact that is wife is a Nurse during these difficult times. God Bless her !  Paul specialises in the sharpening of Professional Scissors as well as Oster, Andis and Wahl etc Dog Clippers.

So people of Bradford area REMEMBER Paul is the Sharpener for you. We should all support each other…….”…..shouldn’t we.

FRASER BLADES-Mobile Sharpening Service-Findhorn -Scotland

What a pleasurable day today Thursday 23 August 2018

Leah Fraser drove down from Findhorn , near Inverness -a mere 9 hour journey at the speed of light !!!! A great girl bubbling over with enthusiasm for life and her work. This lady always wears a smile………..  Leah was already a competent KNIFE & SCISSOR Sharpener , she just needed a final bit of honing on Clipper Sharpening. Well she’s had it and gone beck up the “high road” whistling.  Before she left I insisted that she stripped and cleaned eight different blade sets. Then she sharpened them, cleaned them and tested them, one set had a Ceramic cutter. Then she tested them using FGP.s triple test method.

They were all spot on PERFECT and would clip any dog. I guarantee it. Well done Leah get home safe now to Celia

Be seeing you in Scotland soon.




Training of Nick Hardwick-Hardwick Hounds (near Mansfield)

WEDNESDAY 4th April 2018

Nick’s wife Terri runs a successful Dog Grooming business but had problems getting her Scissors and Clippers serviced and sharpened when she wanted them and to the precision she needed.

So Nick came to me for Professional Training and to purchase our AF/CAN SUPER SIMPLE TO USE CLIPPER HONING MACHINE Model AF/CAN  and our Wolff Industries Inc Ookami Scissor sharpener. He chose the OGS-TAS one of four specifications which includes the necessary equipment for his use.  He knows there are more complimentary accessories which are here in stock if and when he needs them.

After some examination theory and Practise he passed with flying colours.  Another happy customer.  Good luck Nick and Terri !

NEW HAPPY CUSTOMER-Daisy’s Dog Groomers- Darwen Lancs

Sharpening Scissors and Clippers.

I was called to Kelly’s Salon by her mother Debbie . I also met Marie  and Fred the dog and others. Kelly can be reached on  01254 775505 and 07914 078032. I sharpened all of their clipper blade sets and as it was my first visit I asked them to test each one, the same applied to their many scissors. They were delighted and said they were so happy to have met me.

They promised to contact me again when they next need sharpening up- ………..that’s what I do……. Keep people sharp !