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Blunt 2 Sharp- Stephen Lassen

Good Morning Everybody

Stephen has just increased his Sharpening facilities and is now offering full and Professional Scissor Sharpening for Hairdressers, Barbers and Dog Groomers. As well as this he can now corrugated/serrate Scissors accurately and precisely due to the fact that he has just purchased two new sharpening machines. Due to Covid 19 he did not come here to ACCRINGTON for training but has received full training DVD’s and he knows that I am always available to guide and help him whenever needed, Maybe after lockdown he might come here for one man to one man training. Also invested money in WOLFF INDUSTRIES INC Convexing clamp and other accessories. So C’mon you Essex Groomers etc give him some support ………..please ! Contact Stephen  07745 288387 Stephen.lassen@outlook.com