Kyle Holliday visit- done-Trained 18th April 2018

…………….Well my work with Kyle from Northampton is almost finished.  I was right he was a fast learner- I particularly liked him and his new customers will too because he is a humble, well mannered person, one of seven brothers !! After my demonstrations he very successfully sharpened several Andis and Öster blades, he put them into the Clipper and then we tested them three different ways- with test string ( specially made for this purpose) , Dog hair and a test mat – hair that mimics a dog’s  coat,

Then he sharpened various Scissors, curved one’s for trimming around a dog’s face- no problem, left handed scissors and a five and a half inch hairdressers scissor.  Then we demonstrated how to sharpen Knives, because I was out of stock of New Knife Grinders he decided to pay immediately for the Clipper Machine and the Ookami

Twice as sharp by Wolff Industries Inc  and return here when we have new stock of Knife Grinders here ( in two weeks) . When he returns he will come with his mother – Cindy , who is a Professional Dog Groomer.

Kyle still has to sit his theory exam and choose his new Company name.


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