Maurice Patterson of Wickersley/Hellaby Rochester New Sharpener for Dog/Horse Clippers,Scissors and Knives.

In the past few days I had the pleasure of training Maurice , who had intention of learning how to Service & Sharpen all types of Professional Hairdressers/Barbers Scissors ( left and right handed) Dog/Horse and Veterinary Clippers and all types of Kitchen and Chefs Knives. Maurice had spotted a hole in the market e.g. the lack of a Professional sharpening service in his area. And of course this is a new career opportunity for him which if promoted and marketed intelligently will keep him quite busy and he will be answerable only to himself.  Maurice is a Key Cutter and Shoe Repairer. The combination of these two complimentary jobs will keep Maurice very busy. HEELS AND KEYS is the name to look out for in the Rotherham , South Y orkshire area.

Of course Maurice gave me full permission to print this article.

Good Luck Maurice

all spare parts and new Professional Scissors available.

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