Sharpening Scissors/Clippers for two companies at Mucky Pups (Gleaston Cumbria) and Classic Canine Cuts

Great day today : Beth Cresswell  at her brand new Salon built by her Father Paul and Zoé Byers of Classic Canine Cuts, Ulverston needed all their grooming tools sharpening. Was their a few hours whilst Beth brought me cups of tea, then coffee and biscuits. At lunch time she provided me with delicious chicken salad sandwiches etc  Well fed and watered then Beth ordered some new Super close cut Pink clippers. She had not seen these before but I know  they do clip a dog or a cat close and accurately.

In the meantime Beth (short for Bethany) was kept non stop busy with one breed of dog after another. I confess I do admire this young woman for her professional , industrious attitude to her work. She asked me to bring some curved scissors + special high quality clipper oil on my next visit.

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