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My pleasurable visit to Anna Cotterill- Pets at Home

Thursday 18 October 2018

Anna gave me written permission…….. to print this posting. This was simply a courtesy visit to make sure all was working well. PETS AT HOME use every day my Clipper Honer, Scissor Sharpener and Scissor Serrator. I was informed by Anna  that they have now successfully sharpened 3761 Clipper Blade Sets since end June when I installed this machine and 3023 Groomers Scissors. Everything still working perfectly ! Naturally we were both delighted. They order more Corrugating wheels , honing powder etc etc


I had trained Jodie, Clare,Tracey and Jackie but with the volume of work need me to train to more ladies: Ann and Sophie in early Januaryas I am booked up solid till  I look forward to being of continued support to Pets at Home