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Yet another Training visit from Pets At Home 8 Jan.2019

Full permission was granted to me to produce this article for my website and Facebook.

A pleasurable day when Ann and Sophie arrived for training to complement the team at Pets at Home, Stoke-On-Trent. The girls arrive at 1000 and left at 1500. They both had different levels of experience with Groomers Scissors and Clippers. Most clippers that their company use are : Andis, Öster and Wahl . They were both familiar with assembly of Clipper blades so we concentrated our efforts on their Sharpening/Honing. Ann had some experience of this, but these were the first “combs and cutters” for Sophie to sharpen.  After her initial (natural) nerves Sophie rapidly learnt the skill,the speed of sharpening and the pressure need of the fingers on the blades (approx 1200 Grammes)  . Pets at Home purchased another AF/CAN CLipper Honer and left Frankland Grinding Products with the machine.

Then we spent time Sharpening Professional Grooming Scissors, correct sharpening angles, different types of scissors- in Titanium ,Cobalt and  Stainless Steel. How to correctly replace a bumper ( between the handles, correct balance and making sure the tips meet.( no cross over, no gaps at the tips). How to de-burr after sharpening etc.

A rewarding day for all concerned.


ALEX VOS- Dog Groomer- nowSharpener of Professional Scissors and Dog/Horse etc Clippers

Alex Vos of Leyland , Lancashire came to FGP Company on Monday 26 July for training on how to sharpen,disassemble. and correctly assemble combs and cutters after correctly sharpening and honing Dog,vets and Horse Clippers.

This very capable man rapidly learnt the skill of Clipper sharpening , after each clipper set had been serviced he put them into my Clippers and we tested them on our test mat which mimics dog hair, then on actual dog hair and finally on our unique test string. They passed all the tests and clipped to the correct depth immediately. 10/10.

This was Alex’s second visit- he was trained some two weeks before on how to service all types of scissors; right and left handed, thinning/ texturising scissors of all lengths. So hairdressers and dog groomers contact Alex on 01772 463 100……..He is waiting for your call.