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GET SHARP-Carol Holmes-New Scissor/Clipper Sharpening Company

In compliance with current legislation full permission was granted for FGP to produce this article. My wife and I met Carol and her friend Sue in bello Sorrento,Italy some two years ago where we discussed amongst other things  our careers. Carol’s daughter Lenice manages an already successful company in Leyland area called The Fur Stylist, Dog Groomers. but, getting her clippers and scissors sharpened to perfection was often a problem. I proposed to Carol doing this work for her daughter , Carol decided after some considerable thought coming to me for Expert Training and to purchase our AF/10 Clipper Honer and Wolff Industries(U.S.A.) Ookami Scissor Sharpening System. For which FGP have European exclusivity. ……….so Carol  was fully trained by Arthur and loves the work and it shows ! I believe Carolwith her Professional Marketing background will soon be marketing Professional Scissors and Clippers for the Equestrian world as well as dogs. So local people support her -please ! GET SHARP  with Carol !!