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Visit by Gary Hammond from Tillicoultry, Scotland.

What a pleasure ! This man due to retire in January 2019 spent two days at Frankland School of Sharpening. First thing I noticed he is a hands on ,practical man …… which always makes my job easier. He will be setting up his own new Sharpening business very early in 2019, so looking ahead he wanted to have all the training with the best Teacher who has the maximum experience in Europe: namely myself, having taught the skills around the world since 1978. Gary’s daughter is due to be married in two weeks time (Congratulations!)  but nevertheless he squeezed an extra one or two hours of tuition out of me. Gary is set up now with three new machines to sharpen/service all types of Knives for Restaurants/Hôtels/Colleges etc and any/all types of Scissors/Clippers for Hairdressers/Barbers/Vets/Horses/Dog Groomers/Equestrian.

I wish you nothing but Good Luck , but you are the sort of man who makes his own luck. Now Gary it is down to good MARKETING but please give me a call- I might be able to help. Also say hello to Tricia , your wife.  I might see you one day up in BONNY SCOTLAND.



Second visit by my friend Michael Newland SE6 2AF

MICHAEL of NEWWAY SHOP; 2 Ladywell Road, Catford  South East London  (07939 611 224) Came  for his second period of training today 10 July.  This intelligent, humble man is I discovered a “natural” at sharpening,he already had a Clipper honing machine for Andis,Öster,Wahl and Aesculaps Dog Groomers blades/Vets and Horse clipper blades . Now he has the very latest Ookami -Wolff Industries Sharpener and the Tru Hone variable speed Knife Grinder. His shop # is 0208 6909 775. HAIRDRESSERS  BARBERS check Michael out he is GOOD AT HIS JOB and a genuinely friendly man. Owners of RESTAURANTS /Cafe’s / Hôtels please note Michael is fully trained and passed our various tests with flying colours.