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Monday 6 June 2016-visit to Clippadog- Thornton-Cleveleys

This is Adrian Hollingsworth’s company. He has a great team of dedicated groomers: Judith, Jake & Amanda.  Possibly the busiest  groomers I have ever worked in- doing up to twelve dogs per day ( many more around Christmas). They all work long hours with an obvious passion for the dogs  ……….as well as their own dogs !

Today I sharpened and serviced fifteen clipper blade sets and roughly the same number of cutting and thinning scissors.

Always the same “bonheur” (pleasant time) at Adrian’s salon- and as the temperature was hovering around 29 degrees – both Jake and Amanda brewed up great tea every 3/4 hour. Adrian also buys both Scissors and clippers from Arthur when new ones are needed.

He loves his dogs- one day I might hear this businessman playing his guitar. He knows full well though, if he does play then I will be obliged to play my accordion. Happy Clippadog- happy Arthur ! Why in heavens name should I retire ?!?






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