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Visit to Morecambe & Lancaster College-Dog Show

This was the annual Cumbria/Lancs Dog show- best of breeds. Sandra Gibbons is the Barrow & district secretary. She had organised a half page of advertising/editorial making any groomers aware that I would be there. I was there for several reasons:

1. To show my huge range of groomers scissors in Stainless steel, Japanese Cobalt and Titanium .

2. To show our range of Dog Clippers.

3. To repair and sharpen their clippers and scissors.

Some pet lovers clip their own dogs, so this is an ideal time for them to leave their scissors  and clippers  for repairs whilst they watch the best of breeds competitions.

I was kept busy from around 10 am until 3 pm.

Everybody happy so I returned home as it was Easter Sunday.