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First visit to Clipper Sisters- Prestatyn, North Wales

Yesterday  13th September I made a courtesy introductory call here in Prestatyn. Met the lovely “Clipper Sisters” who share premises with a pet shop.

could not have called at a better time as they had some blunt clipper blade sets and others that were simply over-tightened. The lady in the pet shop made me an excellent cup of tea. In fact the sisters and the lady in the pet shop were a happy smiling group of people and welcoming. I wish to say Thank You to them. Diolch !

After I had completed the necessary work  I showed them my range of Dog Scissors and Dog clippers. They asked me how often do I call to which I replied that I am in North Wales every 6 to 8 weeks, or if they needed me I asked them to send me a text. Obviously I left a Business card.

Another busy dog groomer that I can keep sharp.