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Sharpening Scissors & Clippers- The Dog Room

Always a pleasure to visit this special customer who has become a friend. Alison is the owner of this busy business on Monton Road Eccles, Manchester. I have kept Alison sharp for several years. She uses a variety of dog clippers, including my own that she purchases from myself (FGP) , Oster, Andis & some Wahl. She also bought a variety of FGP Scissors and thinners.  On this quarterly visit I sharpened and serviced sixteen clippers and five of her scissors. A good coffee was offered to me as I walked in through the door.

Alison’s business like all groomers relies on extra sharp , professionally set up tools. She works with her well trained assistant – the two of them seem to “gel” perfectly and in my opinion they have a fantastic relationship with all breeds of dogs.

Drank my third brew had a sandwich and left them ready to attack their day’s work. Everybody happy………as usual.