Training visit by Mr Stuart Davies 24/25 Oct.2016 AF/CAN OGS-TAS

DAY ONE : My first impression of this tall man was his in depth knowledge of  engineering. Not too surprising as he was an Ex R.A.F. Engineer of some years.  He is now working with Mercedes Benz testing Formula One engines! He & I were discussing tolerances with regards to animal clippers – the pressure of the cutter on the comb and the amount of clearance vis a vis height of the teeth of the comb blade over the cutter blade and Stuart casually said he was used to working with tolerances down to 1 or 2 microns !  His first attempt to sharpen clippers was magnificent ! The mirror finish that he achieved was no less than perfect. I trained Stuart how to sharpen dog, horse, sheep, vets and hairdressers clippers. He purchased our AF/Can  clipper Honer. Incidentally Stuart’s wife Caroline is a Dog Groomer. My impression of them both, even though I did not meet Caroline is that they are a “team” of Perfectionists Her business in Kettering is called: The Happy Muts Spar . A dog friendly groomer as opposed to a grooming business. The dog’s welfare co

Day two:Training Stuart how to service ALL types of scissors. He is a natural- what more can I say ? Good luck Stuart-come up and see us again – our pleasure.

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