Visit by Audrius and Viktorija

20 &  21 November 2018 Audrius and Viktorija now live in England and have been here for some six years. They drove up from Swanscombe, near Dartmouth,  Viktorija is a qualified dog groomer and runs a very busy business. I have full permission from them to post this summary. The problem they had as I witnessed was the lack of an efficient sharpening service in their area, in fact, Viktorija brought quite a lot of black in colour Wahl clippers that she had paid to be sharpened. The thin ledge on the inside of all her comb blades and been almost ground away. So we spent one full day learning how to correctly sharpen, clean, lubricate , assemble and test clippers. Both of them rapidly got on with this. Day two we concentrated on Servicing/sharpening scissors for groomers and hairdresser/ Barbers.  Audrius who is at present a personal trainer will soon be fully occupied Servicing Dog/Horse/Vetinary Clippers and all types of Professional Clippers using the AF/CAN Clippers Honer and Wolff Industries Ookami OGS-TAS Scissor Sharpener. Arthur Frankland is the Exclusive  European Distributor for these products.

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