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Training-New Customer- new friend- Jeremy Ricksonn

14/15/16 January 2019

Full permission was granted to produce this article.

Jeremy who was born and spent most of his life in  Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) decided to start a new business – Servicing Professional Scissors, Clippers for Dogs and Horses/sheep etc  and Chefs Knives. He looked around on the web here in Europe to find the best person to train him.  He contacted David Magee, I learnt later, a man (ex Policeman) who Arthur had trained. David strongly suggested to Jeremy that he should come to me. So Jeremy and I spent 2-1/2 days learning the theory of sharpening and ASSEMBLING clippers , Knives and scissors. Then into the “ Operating Theatre” to actually do the sharpening.  The Master first (!) then the student, Jeremy is a dextrous man & I noticed a confident man and very soon got “the hang of it”. I have a feeling Jeremy will be back to buy a selection of Cobalt and Titanium Professional Scissors to resell in his area. Jeremy now lives in Wistanstow, Craven Arms, Shropshire. So craftsmen and women in Shropshire give Jeremy a call ; he is  kind, friendly and a good listener. And he is now well on his way to learning  this profession.  All in all quite a Sharp guy.