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Training-New Customer- new friend- Jeremy Ricksonn

14/15/16 January 2019

Full permission was granted to produce this article.

Jeremy who was born and spent most of his life in  Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) decided to start a new business – Servicing Professional Scissors, Clippers for Dogs and Horses/sheep etc  and Chefs Knives. He looked around on the web here in Europe to find the best person to train him.  He contacted David Magee, I learnt later, a man (ex Policeman) who Arthur had trained. David strongly suggested to Jeremy that he should come to me. So Jeremy and I spent 2-1/2 days learning the theory of sharpening and ASSEMBLING clippers , Knives and scissors. Then into the “ Operating Theatre” to actually do the sharpening.  The Master first (!) then the student, Jeremy is a dextrous man & I noticed a confident man and very soon got “the hang of it”. I have a feeling Jeremy will be back to buy a selection of Cobalt and Titanium Professional Scissors to resell in his area. Jeremy now lives in Wistanstow, Craven Arms, Shropshire. So craftsmen and women in Shropshire give Jeremy a call ; he is  kind, friendly and a good listener. And he is now well on his way to learning  this profession.  All in all quite a Sharp guy.


Visit by Colin Dowle from Eastbourne, East Sussex

Colin Dowle spent two days with me last week. Has his sister is a dog groomer he was aware of a shortage of professional sharpeners in his area. He was very serious about learning the maximum during his stay. We covered ALL types of Clippers for Dogs, Horses,Sheep, Barbers etc Also pro Rafa scissors for right and left handed, curved and straight, thinning scissors etc Also we sharpen many types of knives. He passed his test with flying colours. Colin purchased all three machines plus a selection of Professional scissors.

An intelligent and well mannered man with the right attitude .