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Visit by Colin Dowle from Eastbourne, East Sussex

Colin Dowle spent two days with me last week. Has his sister is a dog groomer he was aware of a shortage of professional sharpeners in his area. He was very serious about learning the maximum during his stay. We covered ALL types of Clippers for Dogs, Horses,Sheep, Barbers etc Also pro Rafa scissors for right and left handed, curved and straight, thinning scissors etc Also we sharpen many types of knives. He passed his test with flying colours. Colin purchased all three machines plus a selection of Professional scissors.

An intelligent and well mannered man with the right attitude .

Training Peter Thorley of Doncaster & Alicante Spain

For two days this week I truly enjoyed my work. I was training Peter Thorley – Peter also has a home in Doncaster but plans to set up his business for most of the year in Torreveja . Apart from business we have similar pasts-he was a Chief Petty Officer (Medical Branch) and I was a Acting Leading hand same branch. He is a bright, happy man , quick learner -his wife grooms her own dogs so clippers are not unfamiliar to him. His new business is “baptised”  Xtreme Edge- phone number in Espania is 00 34 642101890. Peter was trained how to sharpen and service Groomers, Hairdressers and Barbers scissors and all types of Clippers- for Horses (plenty in Spain) Vets, Sheep , Dogs & Hairdressers.

I wish Peter Buona Fortuana ! So keep in touch Peter – I am here to help as the “”Agony Uncle” of  the Sharpening world ! Hasta la vista !