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Training Peter Thorley of Doncaster & Alicante Spain

For two days this week I truly enjoyed my work. I was training Peter Thorley – Peter also has a home in Doncaster but plans to set up his business for most of the year in Torreveja . Apart from business we have similar pasts-he was a Chief Petty Officer (Medical Branch) and I was a Acting Leading hand same branch. He is a bright, happy man , quick learner -his wife grooms her own dogs so clippers are not unfamiliar to him. His new business is “baptised”  Xtreme Edge- phone number in Espania is 00 34 642101890. Peter was trained how to sharpen and service Groomers, Hairdressers and Barbers scissors and all types of Clippers- for Horses (plenty in Spain) Vets, Sheep , Dogs & Hairdressers.

I wish Peter Buona Fortuana ! So keep in touch Peter – I am here to help as the “”Agony Uncle” of  the Sharpening world ! Hasta la vista !